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Let's Chat about "Me"

It's Not Easy Being Me

A few years ago, the Children's show "Sesame Street" on Public Television featured a little green Frog named Kermit. Our two kids were fascinated by the characters on Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch and so many others. Although I was the "Dad," Kermit was my favorite. Kermit had a funny little "pinched" voice but he had a hit song that I remember to this day, "It's Not Easy Being Green." 

Click on this link and have a listen to this short song: 


It is a beautiful melody with simple words and Kermit could have just been saying "It's not easy being ME"

We see it all around us whether it be phony colored hair (some of it green!) or Tattoos or in political debates struggling to differentiate them"selves" or celebrities with exaggerated estimations of them"selves," even Ethnic groups of people are really trying very hard to be a "Me" even to the point of being a victim. We spend a lot of money to be a special, unique and individualized "Me."  Individuality and "Me-ness" is celebrated on our TV advertisements, movies and in the media. A lot of effort is being expended to be "Me." A Mercedes is a very expensive car, but it is all about being special or a "cut above." 

When you were born and were an infant, were you a "Me" yet? When did you begin to be a "Me?" Was it when your Story began to form and you realized that you were a separate Person from your Mom? You learned that you have a name and soon a "Mama" and a "Dada" who were separate from "Me." Have you continued the development of your "Me" as the years have passed? Is your "Me" only in your thoughts and memories of your experiences? Is "Me" a body made of Molecules and Atoms that are really 99.99% empty space? 

The more we look closely, we soon come to see the illusory nature of being a "Me."
What is it that drives a person to be a President or leader of a country or even be a Pastor of a congregation of people? 

I may be getting in too deep here, but we seem to hear a lot about "Being One" or "Wholeness" and love and togetherness. I submit, that it is only cheap chatter...words... and remains impossible as long as the world is seen to be individual "Me's". We think we can be One as a world and even with Nature, while we are making the endless effort of  trying to be "Me," a separate individualized, objectified  "Person." I mean, we even say "I" love "You" to our mates and even our friends, those we say we love. It is a Subject-Object relationship with "others," Nature, and our world. We live in an illusory world of Dualism, of "Me" and "You" and Subject-Object. 

The Garden of Eden story in the Bible is an allegorical story about when mankind evolved to the point of thinking individuals. The Story of a thought comprised "Me" began.  It isn't just about when people started being "Sinners." Oh, I suppose you could say it is about Sin, which literally means "Missing the Mark." People began to see each other as Separate "Me's" and noticed when others were naked and objectified nakedness and needed to cover-up! Then we even had to begin to objectify nature by giving all the animals and trees a name. The Stars and Rivers, Mountains and Lakes all "HAD TO HAVE A NAME!" Even the beautiful falls on the Home Page of this Website has a name! Mankind had to "KNOW." Still, we just have to know the name of the plants and trees when we see one. We have to "KNOW!" Have you ever tried to just look at the beauty of a tree and not said in your thoughts "That's a Blue Spruce" or whatever it is? You will find that your mind is resisting the idea of not naming the tree! Is it any wonder we kill each other either metaphorically or literally? What happened in the Story of the Garden of Eden? Well, right away Cain killed Abel and they were Brothers!!

I tremble to suggest that you click on the link to the right of this that says "If you're interested to learn more..." and if you are adventurous enough to read something that will feel very foreign, click on "Essays" on the website you will bring up, and go to the Essay titled "The Story of Me." I will tell you immediately, you may simply reject it. You virtually almost have to reject it. 

But in the Stillness of your solitude, consider Tony Parson's suggestions. Ask your"self" "Who is Me?"

Finally, as always, I do not consider myself a Guru or superior in any way to you. I have lived just like you and tried very hard for 74 years to be "Me." 

I'm tired now. 

With Love...Charlie



What is this about?

 "Me:" what is "Me?" This is a little chat about what we "believe" to be a "Me." You may not like it or even entertain the idea of the illusion of me because it has become "who" you are and what you are identified with, and even perhaps that to which you are addicted. Certainly, the world "apparently" is peopled with almost 8 billion "Me's," and maybe it is the effort that it takes to be a "Me" that lies at the very root of what is the difficulties and wars we have had and of which we live in mortal fear.