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It's not one of the fancy houses here in SGE, but it is home for us. We moved here in July of 2015 to be nearer our Daughter who lives in Jacksonville, OR

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Our Journey to San George Estates

It's kind of a long Story Because we're Old People...

My story began in Augusta, Georgia in September of 1945, one month after the Japanese Surrendered to end WWII. My Father was a Preacher at that time. I am the 2nd out of 8 Children in our family. The 8 kids were born in 5 different states, Georgia, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota and California. We moved frequently and that trend continued after Judy and I married in 1964. Judy was born in Phoenix, AZ to very wonderful family. She was the 3rd of 5 Girls. I am so blessed to have married one of these sisters and her family became a huge influence for me.

After my Father left the Ministry, he fell back on what he learned from his Father, that being the Retail Meat Business. My Father taught me the Meat Business and I began working for him at age 13. I then went on to work and Manage Meat Departments for Major Chain Supermarkets in California and later in Oregon.

Judy and I began our Family early in our Marriage. I was only 19 when Michelle was born 5 days before our first Anniversary. Her Brother David came along 4 years later.

In 1976, we made a major decision to move our young family out of Southern California and our first stop was Astoria, Oregon up at the Mouth of the Columbia River. We lived there for 3 years, moving from there in 1979 to Corvallis. Over all we were in Corvallis for 14 Years. Judy and I were deeply involved in Music Ministry both as lay people and full-time staff in Corvallis. Previous to that we also were Worship leaders in Southern California and Astoria. Judy and I sang and she played the Piano for several Gospel Quartets and I was involved in 4 recording projects, the final one being a Solo Album. 

In 1984 we experienced a period of trial and we began to take a look at how we had lived and believed. We no longer were involved in Music Ministry. We have kept singing however. We have performed at Wineries and parties and here at SGE in our Clubhouse events. Life became very different for us after 1984. As often is the case, the trial and difficulty we experienced in 1984 was the best thing that ever happened in our lives. We examined what it meant to live in "Belief" and learned it was virtually the same as living in our Imaginations. I spent 9 years in the Automobile business in Corvallis and Judy began working as an Optometric Assistant.

In 1993, I took a job as a Manufacturer's Representative in the Gift industry. My territory was Eastern Washington State and Northern Idaho. So, we moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. After 3 years, during which we had a successful business in Multi-Level Marketing, we moved to Southern Idaho near Boise. I decided to fulfill a life-long dream and began driving a Big Rig. Not long after I began, Judy also joined me as a driver. We drove as a team in all 48 States and most of Canada. It was a good business for us. We owned 2 Big Rig tractors in succession and eventually purchased a dream home out in the country of Southern Idaho outside of a small town called Homedale about 50 miles SW of Boise. We loved it there and were closely involved in a small community of 12 properties, managing Irrigation Water and Shared Wells. Judy left trucking in 2005 and returned to the Optometric business. I kept driving trucks as a solo until the end of July 2009 when I retired. Judy retired in 2014 from her Optometric  position. 

We began to sense the importance of being closer to one of our kids as we were now getting older. Our Son and his family, including our 2 Grand-sons, lived in Alberta Canada so going there was not a possibility for us so we decided to look into Southern Oregon, where our Daughter lived. So we sold our property in Idaho, and moved here to San George Estates in July of 2015. Life is good for us here and we are enjoying being near our Daughter. We have acquired many new and wonderful friends here in SGE and many Wineries in our area.

Oh yes, there is so much more to our Story, but I tried to just hit the highlights here. Thanks for bearing with me for this story of our history.

Our Daughter Michelle and her Husband Kevin Ekerson; The reason we moved to Medford.
Our Daughter Michelle and her Husband Kevin Ekerson; The reason we moved to Medford.